Canterbury Pilgrimage 2014

Canterbury Pilgrimage for Bishops, Deans & Archdeacons 

Monday 7th July – Friday 11th July 2014 

The Aim of TLI 

In fulfilling our calling to Gospel and Kingdom, TLI engages in innovative leadership capacity building, through building communities of practice in which transformation in our personal and public lives can be experienced - as individuals, dioceses and also the national church. 

The Strategic Leadership Programme is designed for Bishops, Deans and Archdeacons to explore through pilgrimage, discussion in open sessions, and reflection in small groups, what leadership in the public square means for senior leaders in the Church of England today. 


By following in the footsteps of the early Canterbury or Northern Saints, we examine the roots of mission and their significance for leadership for the public square. Members can expect to come away refreshed, with a renewed vocation to leadership, inspired to reconnect with the challenges of mission in our own time and context. 

The Programme 

The Leadership Institute offers regular opportunities for those bearing the responsibility of senior leadership to meet together for conversations that will matter, to form collegial relationships that will endure, and to find the courage to continue to lead the Church back to the public square. What might be the implications for the senior leadership of the Church of England? 

The Past 

Over the past decade, the Leadership Institute has offered regular opportunities for Bishops, Deans and Archdeacons in the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion to meet in a confidential setting around the iconic places for the mission to the English people, Canterbury and Durham. These courses have been of the nature of a pilgrimage to our roots, a physical exposure to the place of our beginnings and to create a learning community sustained by worship, bible study, conversation and study. 

The Future 

We offer two separate programmes, each with a 5-day programme, alternately at Canterbury, the starting point for the re-entry of catholic Christianity under Augustine; or at Durham, with its roots in the Iona mission to Holy Island in Northumbria. These weeks are not intended as an exercise in nostalgia. We have moved within our lifetimes from a closed society, in which the church had a privileged voice, to an open society in which there are no fixed points of belief or behaviour. We are being called from an historic institution to Christian faith and community as a dynamic movement. We want to learn from the past without hankering after it. It is of the ethos of the Church of England that, in these turbulent times set among a people who have lost touch with their roots, we resist the temptation to be 'the chapel in the valley' and continue to explore what it means to be 'a community set on a hill'. 

Canterbury Timetable 

We undertake pilgrimage of exploration, reflection and discovery over a period of five days in and around Canterbury. We share regular daily worship in the cathedral, bible study, plenary sessions, morning or afternoon pilgrimages to key locations. Each of these is supported with plenary input and discussion, always with the key question of what have these foundational events and places to say to us for leadership in the twenty-first century. 

Rhythm of Each Day 
Time and space is scheduled for personal reflection, and for sampling Canterbury as one of Europe’s finest medieval cities. 

We arrive for lunch at Cathedral Lodge, take time to settle in and introduce ourselves and the Programme. We share expectations for our time together, and consider the leadership issues facing the Church. Evensong is followed by dinner at the Lodge. We return to the Cathedral for a candle-lit pilgrimage. 

Morning Prayer is followed by Breakfast and Benectine Lectio Divina/Bible Study in small groups. A plenary discussion sets the backdrop of Augustine’s mission, and the key leadership, spirituality and mission themes for our pilgrimage. Midday Eucharist in Christ Church Chapel is followed by Lunch, personal time in the afternoon, and a second plenary session before Evensong, Dinner and small group reflection in the evening. 

In the morning, we make our pilgrimage to Reculver and Augustine’s Cross at Ebbsfleet, followed by lunch at historic Sandwich, and the Roman fort at Richborough, gateway to Roman Britannia. A Pilgrimage Liturgy guides our prayers and reflections througout. A Eucharist is celebrated en route. We return to Canterbury for afternoon tea. Small group reflection in the evening provides opportunity to reflect together on the implications of Augustine’s mission for our own context. 

We walk the ancient Saxon Way, from Fordwich to St Martin’s Hill and Bertha’s ancient chapel. In the afternoon we visit the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and return to Canterbury Lodge. Personal time follows after tea. In the evening reflect on the day and our ministry after Dinner. 

We gather for our final plenary session and bring together the narrative theology threads of our experience together, review what we have learned, and focus on implications for the future. We depart after Eucharist in the Cathedral and lunch at Canterbury Lodge.

  Booking Information

Dates   Mon 7th - Fri 11th July 2014
Venue   Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, The Precincts, Canterbury
Costs   The course costs £700 and includes full board and lodging at Cathedral Lodge, transport to venues outside of Canterbury, entry fees to English Heritage sites, guides and course materials.
Deposit   We require a non-refundable deposit of £50 to cover administrative and booking costs. Full payment is to be received by 31st March 2014
Contact   Mary Kersys
TLI Administrator 
Diocesan Offices, 53 New Street, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1AT 

07546 308882
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