Teaching Faculty

We are committed to providing the highest quality teaching for those who participate in our courses. We source those speakers and leaders who will provide innovative, thoughtful and purposeful content to equip participants with the increasingly varied skills needed in challenging leadership positions.

The list below shows our members and associates who have taught on our programmes;

Canon Clare Edwards
Richard Fox
Revd Dr Leslie Francis
Jayne Ozanne
Jill Garrett
Canon Douglas Holt
Revd Margaret Jackson
Revd Laksmi Jeffries
Rt Revd Michael Langrish
Rev Canon Rob Mackintosh
Revd Tim Marks
Revd Canon Dr Roger Matthews
Revd Christopher Race
Dean Michael Sadgrove
Rt Revd Stephen Sykes
Tom Sine
Canon Kate Tristram
Rt Revd Michael Turnbull
Revd Alison White
Revd Alex Whitehead
Canon Amiel Osmaston
Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell
Revd Dr Fiona Stewart-Darling
Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern
Caroline Boddington
Canon Andrew Tremlett
Dr Jane Williams
Dr John Drane